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    Government of TSS & Forums


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    Government of TSS & Forums Empty Government of TSS & Forums

    Post by [TSS]AngryUnibrow on Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:21 pm

    This is like an agreement/constitution/bill of rights/anything you want it to be.

    Hey, welcome to That Stunts Server. We want to set up a fun, chill, friendly, awesome server that satisfies everyone involved. We aren't aiming for 500/500 players on at all times, but a good group of people that are friendly and mature. So, on to the good stuff.

    All players are equal. Whether this be that hacker asshole or the creator and his entourage. So, there will be no dictator-like atmospheres where everyone agrees with the top cheese on the server and there is no consideration of other opinions. You are free to voice your opinion, but please do it in a mature way. Don't just blindly take shots at someone, this isn't YouTube.

    Rules apply to everybody, whether you donated or have been a year long veteran of TSS. If you're caught breaking any of the rules, you'll probably stay banned.

    I just wanted to stress how much the equal part actually means to our server. If we lose trust and choose sides, we aren't a team, we are a pack of wild dogs. That is how a server winds up as a pile of crap.

    So, have fun on TSS!

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