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    Mapping Dos and Donts


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    Mapping Dos and Donts Empty Mapping Dos and Donts

    Post by [TSS]AngryUnibrow on Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:13 am

    These are the Dos and Donts of being an excellent Mapper

    • Include some scenery:
      Dont go overboard with pine trees everywhere, but a few palm trees (by a few I mean under 10) can make a small map look appealing without losing frames per second.

    • Keep it clean:
      I have seen maps where there is no room to move anywhere due to the excessive number of lagg producing objects. Dont do it, it looks really ugly and winds up lagging the players.

    • Build in the sea or in the sky:
      Do not build on the SA mainland, there are players like me who like to take a Sunday flight around Sa. If you build in the mainland, it takes the flight away as we either hit these maps or have to fly around them. If you want to build in the mainland area, build it above 1000 on the Z coordinate. It is at the max flight zone and no planes can get there.

    • Edit to Prevent Bugs:
      Editing your map can prevent bugs and glitches in your map, say you want flat land. Your eyes see it flat but it's unleveled. Zoom down to every little detail to make your map perfect! You may probably have vehicles that fall out of the sky, edit it! Practice makes perfect!

    • Fill the map up with any of the following:
      Anything that produces a particle effect.

      The above object groups are total lag machines. And on SAMP, lag can make or break a game. We dont want first timers coming on our server, lagging, and then leaving. It ruins the game for everyone involved.

    • Spam objects:
      We have an object limit of 400, but remember that so many objects can look good in one place. There might also be lagg and rendering problems with a bug amount of objects. If an object doesnt really 100% need to be there, remove it! Its that simple, it'll reduce visual and internet lag from all those objects not having to be rendered and sent through a server. Remember that the 400 object limit isnt a goal.

    Well there you have it, if you dont follow these Dos and Donts then dont count on your map being added without some editing.

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