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    Administrator Application Form


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    Administrator Application Form Empty Administrator Application Form

    Post by [TSS]TonyMetal on Fri Dec 16, 2011 9:38 pm

    Make a new topic, copy and paste this code into the post, and fill out the form.
    Please read the requirements before you apply.


    ===Player Details===

    - In-game name:
    - Age:
    - Location and timezone:
    - Time played [Picture from Stats Command]:

    ===Basic Knowledge===

    - Who are the owners of That Stunt Server?:
    - How can you change the language?:
    - When did That Stunt Server start to develop?:
    - You ask your mate if you can kill him so you can get more score, is this allowed?:
    - A player is using hacks in-game, what do you do (admins are online)?:
    - Someone starts insulting you, there are no admins online; what do you do?:
    - You see a higher ranked admin abusing his powers on a lower rank admin; what do you do?:
    - Someone is ramming a player, what should you do? Pick one of the 3 options. (Warn/Kick/Ban:(

    ===Additional Questions===

    - Why do you want to become an admin?:
    - Why do you think you are worthy of becoming an admin?

    ===Statement of Good Faith===
    **I am ready to be an Administrator on That Stunt Server.

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