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    Scripts Info + Updates


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    Scripts Info + Updates Empty Scripts Info + Updates

    Post by Peppery on Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:57 am

    • Here's some information. Whenever you send in a script, we will review it as fast as we can and we WILL message you about it! Don't EVER feel like your scripts are not appreciated.. Sometimes it needs a little editing or sometimes it might not be possible but hey! At least you tried! Laughing

    • Here is the list of Official Scripters.

    1. Head Scripter/Server Owner - [TSS]TonyMetal
    2. +Scripter - [TSS]Peppery


    JANUARY 20TH, 2012

    • KillStreak System

    JANUARY 10TH, 2012

    • /JetPack -Peppery-
    • AntiJack System *You die if you try to carjack* -Orion-
    • /FightStyle -Orion
    • Score, Money and Skin Database [W.I.P]
    FEBRUARY 14TH, 2012

    • /Getip -Peppery-
    • /licenseplate -Tony-
    • Login & Register System v2 -Peppery-

    Scripts Info + Updates Madarak11

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