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    The Blacklist: Introduction & Rules


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    The Blacklist: Introduction & Rules Empty The Blacklist: Introduction & Rules

    Post by Razor on Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:59 pm

    Welcome to the group consisting the most skilled and notorious drivers of That Stunt Server. Members in The Blacklist racing group are motivated, determined, and veteran drivers. The word "race" sends their pulses running very high. We may be notorious, but Blacklist rules still apply to all our members. The Blacklist will be a list of the best racers in the server. Each racer has to challenge the next ranking as a way to attempt to take over their position and move up on the list. Each new member will be placed at the end of the list and must work their way up, trying to run out opponents to make it to the top. All Blacklist racers must produce three (3) races in which will be used when the Blacklist member below challenges them. Blacklist racer 1 must produce 5 races. If a Blacklist member successfully beats the racer above him in the rankings, they will swap positions on the list.

    The Rules:

    1. Follow all server rules at all times.
    2. The Blacklist should consist of the most active drivers.
    3. Races that are not drawn on this map: will be automatically disproved.
    4. Images of race routes should be cropped to fit the race and the route should be clearly visible.
    5. Cheating of any form during a race will disqualify you. Forms of cheating include taking shortcuts, teleporting, hacking, using CLEO mods, using admin commands on any racer, etc.
    6. Racers have to win best 2/3 races in order to advance.
    7. Blacklist 2 has to win 3/5 races against Blacklist 1 to advance.
    8. When the first race starts, the challenge cannot be ended until the final race is complete. Failure to abide to this rule will result in an automatic loss for the dropout.
    9. Races have to pass a series of tests before they can be approved as races. This is especially true for races that are obnoxiously long.
    10. All races must take place with /objects off.
    11. New racing system means races will be more accurately fair. More details about who will map existing races soon.
    12. New management for the Blacklist will be selected as active players will hold responsibility for organizing the Blacklist.
    13. Being part of the Blacklist requires you to race! Don't join just for the title or if you don't think you'll participate much.
    14. Failure to be active will result in urgent messages to be active. Failure to be active on multiple occasions will result in a kick from The Blacklist.
    15. Razor must be active at the time of a Blacklist challenge. Razor will judge each race when a Blacklist member rivals another. If a race takes place without Razor, no change in rank will be made.

    You must agree to every single rule listed above in order to participate in the Blacklist. Failure to abide to these rules will result in a deportation from the group.

    Good luck to all members!

    The Blacklist: Introduction & Rules J7xgua

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